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          1. How to Look Thin Without Dieting

            Written by Diet Bites

            Don't have the time or inclination to go on a diet? The great news is that you can look skinnier without doing such - no matter what you currently weigh.

            Our following tips for looking thinner are very easy to perform - and they can fit into the most busiest of schedules.

            Better yet - they require minimal time to perform. And we'll specify which areas of the body these activities impact.

            1. Sit Ups; Time Commitment: 1.5 minutes per day. Tightens upper and lower abdominal area. Cost: $0

            If you want a flatter abdominal area, then sit ups can tackle the fluff with ease. If you only have a minute and a half in your day - you can work up to doing 30 to 50 of these babies in that amount of time.

            If you enjoy reading a book in bed - or if you have trouble with your back when lying on the floor, then use the bed to support your back. Do ten sit ups, then read a bit more and do an additional ten - until you have worked up to your goal.

            If you have less than two minutes per day OR if you only want to set aside this tiny amount of time for looking thinner, then doing sit ups might be right up your alley. This activity will assist in flattening the belly - both the lower and upper regions of the abdominal section of the body, thus making you look pounds lighter.

            How many pounds? It depends upon your current weight - but generally five to fifteen pounds thinner if you only have 30 to about 50 pounds to lose.

            2. Walking; Time Commitment: 5-30 minutes per day. Tightens all areas of the legs. Cost: $0

            Even if you only have five minutes to spare - just walking a small amount will not only assist in tightening and strengthening areas of the body, walking also will expend energy which in turn can impact your weight in a favorable manner.

            3. Taking the Stairs; Time Commitment: your call. Tightens hips, thighs, calves and strengthens heart and lung functioning. Cost: $0

            It requires a lot of effort to climb a flight of stairs. I was recently reminded of such when my son moved yet again to an apartment located on the third story of the building. The manager or clerk always promises him a first floor apartment, and then he always gets stuck with that upper story dwelling.

            Walking up the stairs empty-handed is challenging enough when it's forty steps to the top. But when the arms are loaded with boxes or furniture, those forty steps seem a lot further.

            So while most of us aren't going to be into doing that type of aggressive activity each and every day - we can take the stairs when the opportunity presents itself because every little second of effort we put into expending energy in a healthy way will impact our body weight.

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